Haute Couture inspired white workroom coat

I’ve always wanted my own white workroom coat especially while teaching. It never happened … until now.

FashionStudent.online will be taking orders in February for White Workroom coats.

Keep your eye out for more details coming soon.

Day 1 ….. Fashion Student Extraordinaire all shiny and new

Fashion Student . Online

A blog, a website, a Facebook page, an Instagram page, a Pinterest page and what ever else I can do this year … all dedicated to

  • Australian Fashion Students,
  • small fashion business owners,
  • fashion trainers / lecturers and
  • RTO’s needing assistance

with documentation, whether they be blank, filled in. Templates in word / pages, excel / numbers, power point / keynote, videos, samples and complete RTO packages. Setting my sights on getting magazines printed for each UOC…. Watch this space.

This blog has been a long time coming and I really hope it is everything I hope it would be, I hope you enjoy it and I hope more than anything it helps you. Because one huge negative in this industry is that NO ONE shares their contacts or information as this means you will get one over them …… sad but true. ;-(

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