I see this from both sides…..

The fashion student needs experience and not many fashion businesses are prepared to offer an internship or know how to go about it.


The fashion business most likely needs help in one form or another and don’t know what they need to run an internship program or where to find quality staff.

Trust me, this is very real. Both sides are in desperate need of help and I am hearing this from both sides of the catwalk curtain.


That is why I have set up this Internship Program. You buy it from me once and you reuse it over and over again…. update it from your feedback and keep improving your business and the interns leave having learnt so much from you and this in turns helps the Australian Fashion Industry.

Baby steps at first until YOU the business owner are comfortable with handing over the jobs you feel you seriously are not able to do anymore, plus by teaching the inexperienced or overly creative soul or the insanely naïve medial chores, like putting the bins out and staying off their phone during these hours the world around you will applaud you.

If you are reading this then you want to set this up in your fashion business. Please add your details below so we are able to keep abreast of your needs and adapt our internship data, love & thanks xxx

Internship Program

OK so lets get to the main object here. YOU want to set up an internship program, I know how this works and I will have this program downloadable as soon as you pay for it.

Plus, rest assured I have free stuff for your to love on.

  1. Advertise for the right intern
  2. How to interview the prospective creative
  3. Getting ready for the program
  4. ooop…. what type of program do you want?????
  5. Running the program
  6. Jobs that you NEED completing
  7. Jobs to train
  8. Follow up and feedback
  9. Keep developing
  10. Reference letter
  11. Certificate

We have several Internship Programs on offer.

  1. 5 days (1 week) reuse 52 times a year @ $49.50
  2. 10 days (2 weeks) reuse 26 times a year. This is perfect for the mid semester break. @ $30 each week.
  3. 4 weeks (1 month) reuse 12 times a year @ $30 each week
  4. 6 weeks (1 1/2 months) reuse 4 times a year. This is perfect for summer holiday. @ $30 each week.

Each Program includes the above 11 areas, detailed checklists, ideas for duties, how to train & monitor your staff. Offer feedback and receiving it, how to use that feedback to improve your own business. It is all there.

Now remember, this is essentially free labour and in my day we called it work experience…. and this is another example of international jargon coming into Australia and making it sound all fancy smancy. I don’t have a problem with this what so ever but I do have a problem with is the fashion industry and the way they treat staff. That’s a whole other conversation….

So, my programs are suited to helping both the employer and the employee whether they are paid or not. You will love it and I would love your feed back xxxxxxxxxxxx


Free stuff for students

Down load your resume or CV template here (coming shortly)

Down load your cover letter template here. (coming shortly)

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