Day 1 ….. Fashion Student Extraordinaire all shiny and new

Fashion Student . Online

A blog, a website, a Facebook page, an Instagram page, a Pinterest page and what ever else I can do this year … all dedicated to

  • Australian Fashion Students,
  • small fashion business owners,
  • fashion trainers / lecturers and
  • RTO’s needing assistance

with documentation, whether they be blank, filled in. Templates in word / pages, excel / numbers, power point / keynote, videos, samples and complete RTO packages. Setting my sights on getting magazines printed for each UOC…. Watch this space.

This blog has been a long time coming and I really hope it is everything I hope it would be, I hope you enjoy it and I hope more than anything it helps you. Because one huge negative in this industry is that NO ONE shares their contacts or information as this means you will get one over them …… sad but true. ;-(

Fashion Student Online Facebook Page

So….. a bit of background about the mind behind this…. I started in fashion in my youth. I loved drawing (not very well I might add), loved to sew (was a bit of a natural so lucked out here. Well actually, it started early as I helped my mum, who was an outworker and at 2 years of age I removed the backing paper from each embroidered towel for 5c each), but I had no idea about how to make my own patterns.

In school I learnt how to draw and also started my love of photography. I received the academic for home economics in grade 12 probably because I broke out of the norm and made 3 outfits for a fashion parade which my 3 babe friends styled out on the catwalk. I didn’t win anything but loved the whole vamp. My bestie and I designed our own formal dresses and had them made by my beautiful and talented neighbour.

After school I was accepted into Townsville Tafe, like the Griswalds, we hired a campervan and drove all the way up to Townsville from our home in Brisbane. On the day we arrived, I got a phone call from my grade 12 work experience / internship asking me if I would be interested in working with them, full time. My mum and dad basically said yes for me… so we drove all the way back down to Brisbane again. I did not step one foot inside the Tafe in Townsville BTW.

The following 3 years I worked for an amazing fashion agency in West End and studied at night at Mount Gravatt Tafe. Pattern making was now my new love. Had no idea what I was doing to be perfectly honest with you. But it felt cool, accomplished and like I was hanging out with some amazing like minded people.

F with face

The industry started to change, as in the industry was on the verge of going offshore in a big way. My job wasn’t as secure anymore. Prices were being pushed lower. One of our biggest labels “White Cloud” wanted their own agency so our agency split into 2. I move with my work wife Sharon and as I was the junior, it was me who had to go find another job. Which I did, but hated it. You see Sharon could sell ice to eskimoes. She made our boss a lot of money. She had this way of telling a story, being super organised and being herself. Something I have fallen back on throughout my whole career. She was one of my first inspiring mentors in work and life, I am still very much in contact with today.

This other job which I hated was really just an eye opener into some of my future job prospects. You see I was employed for this particular job as one job description which I accepted, but then when I arrived on the first day, I was then told I would be doing something completely different. Now this has happened several times since….. If this has happened to you I would love to hear your story. Is this normal I wonder, this is not OK actually (employers take heed), I hated it as I would not have accepted the job had I known I wasn’t going to be pattern making but driving around Brisbane doing boring deliveries and working in the front office, yawn….

OK so fast forward a little bit I then went to college for 2 years at the best fashion college of the day in QLD, Mount Gravatt Tafe and I loved it. With my early days in funky West End surrounded by amazing people I found my career went from strength to strength after college.

Fashion is in my blood, I have been told by the Charlie Brown QLD area manager at the time I worked for them (short time I might add) I lived & breathed it….. UM well hell yes I do, and then I think about the good old days when I was in a fantastic team for an amazing international London based company turning over a million pounds a week, that is a week, not a year. INSANE……. One day I will go into more detail of what I have done and who I have worked for but for now I will just launch this dream of mine.

Desk ikea laptop

If you have read this to the end then you will be able to understand how this blog is going to work. I am a fashion industry worker and lecturer with so much to share. I have literally kept every document I have worked on in some form or another. Through my teaching I have come to realise that not only did I need help when it came to growing my creativity or business but my students needed help, the RTO I worked for needed help, another RTO contacted me to write 5 grouped subjects and so many small businesses needed help setting up their niche ideas.

On this Blog and another blog which I am currently setting up. Both with work hand in hand, as I was taught by the amazing Kate McKribben register everything you can under your own domain and work it baby (Secret Blogger Business & Blog Squad).

You will be able to:

  1. Register and pay for a monthly membership for the life of your studies
  2. Register and pay for the 12 months membership in one payment
  3. Register and pay for the 18 months member in one payment
  4. Buy single blank documents / templates as you need. Download straight away.
  5. Buy single completed documents / completed templates with all the answers. You will need to adjust this to your own wording and redesign it yourself. (watermarked) Download straight away.
  6. Buy a 10 blank document and get 11. Download straight away as you need.
  7. Buy a 10 completed document and get 11. Download straight away as you need.
  8. Buy single unmade samples with how to steps and these will be posted to you. (Sewing & Pattern making)
  9. Buy single made samples with how to steps and these will be posted to you. (Sewing & Pattern making)
  10. Videos with how to steps.
  11. Equipment is also available to purchase on our blog and website, these will be posted out to you.
  12. Lecturers this is for you, TEACH PACKAGE lesson plans, documents and how to’s, power points & videos. These may all be downloaded as a package all ready for your to deliver.
  13. RTO this is for you, RTO PACKAGE, the complete TEACH PACKAGE above including your assessment guides and marking documents.
  14. RTO – RTO BESPOKE an added service we offer is writing your grouped assessment for different subjects as needed. Time line and pricing discussed on a case by case scenario.

So the list above is our starter, these are going to be adjusted as the units roll out and are developed and streamlined.

Whether you are student or own a business please join us by subscribing to our email newsletters or join our industry contacts data base. For a short time the data base will be free to join and only available to our membership subscribers, teachers and RTO’s or as a paid for service.

Croque ikea

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