Day 1 ….. Fashion Student Extraordinaire all shiny and new

Fashion Student . Online

A blog, a website, a Facebook page, an Instagram page, a Pinterest page and what ever else I can do this year … all dedicated to

  • Australian Fashion Students,
  • small fashion business owners,
  • fashion trainers / lecturers and
  • RTO’s needing assistance

with documentation, whether they be blank, filled in. Templates in word / pages, excel / numbers, power point / keynote, videos, samples and complete RTO packages. Setting my sights on getting magazines printed for each UOC…. Watch this space.

This blog has been a long time coming and I really hope it is everything I hope it would be, I hope you enjoy it and I hope more than anything it helps you. Because one huge negative in this industry is that NO ONE shares their contacts or information as this means you will get one over them …… sad but true. ;-(

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Phantom Thread advanced screening in conjunction with Brisbane Fashion Month, New Farm

Tonight I was lucky enough to be invited to an advanced screening of Phantom Thread.

I’m not going to tell you the story line as it’s a must see for yourself movie.

Let’s just say if Love

  • Fashion
  • Vintage
  • Art house
  • Great cinematography
  • Daniel Day Lewis
  • Interesting story line that keeps you thinking right up to the end

Then I gotta say that you might like it,.. just a little bit.

I loved it. Had a fab night out with a bestie & some of my fashionable friends.


Secret textile stash or secret fabric stash, every fashion students addiction

Just wanted to talk about textiles and a technical term you will completely understand soon enough if you don’t already.


What is it?

Type your reply below.

Let’s talk to understand, if you drive down the road in your on the black bitumen, parallel to each other is the gutter.

The gutter is essentially is the position of the selvedge on fabric. It’s the edges that run parallel to each other.

Many fabric mills will put the fabric on pins when finishing. You can see these holes in the picture.

Haute Couture inspired white workroom coat

I’ve always wanted my own white workroom coat especially while teaching. It never happened … until now. will be taking orders in February for White Workroom coats.

Keep your eye out for more details coming soon.

5 top reasons to start your own Internship Program

Hello fashion business owner

Welcome to the world of the fashion internship. …  ..


Whether you have just opened the doors to a new fashion business or you have been running it for a decade, embracing the fashion internship is the next big trend. So what are the 5 best reasons to start your own fashion internship, … well just a sec, I will get to them later.

If you don’t start leading the way in this business building, reputation staple and collaborate with the new fresh face of fashion……. da da dahhhh the fashion student then you are seriously missing out on a piece of that delicious ‘social savvy, tech talking’ pie.

Like, totally missing out.

Now, this internship thingy is already huge in the market place, granted I am not the first nor will I be the last in doing this. BUT, yes there is a BUT, I for the life of me can not google anything online specifically centred around Australian Fashion.

Nothing, nadda, not a thing. Did I miss something, am I googling the wrong words.






It all started with a conversation in the class room. I asked my class of fashion design students what they were going to do over the summer holidays. In the back of my mind I half expected 90% of them to have a summer job in fashion. With Zara, H&M and Top Shop opening up recently all around our city in the local Westfield’s, it came to a huge surprise that the majority (all except 1) did not have a summer job in fashion but were working in a bar, working as a nanny, moving house and making her own jewellery, had quit her fashion job to be able to spend time with her family from Finland, being a mum or catching up on class work.

1 person out of a class of 10 had a job in fashion over the 8 week break. To say I was shocked was an understatement. This particular group of students are extremely talented and this was apparent from the first assessment work handed in.

Ok, so with the honest feedback they gave then, I thought I would ask some questions. Would you like a fashion job over summer? Would you work part time or full time? What type of work would you like to do? How far would you travel? How much would you want to be paid?

The general consensus was, we just want to get experience, no one will employ us without it. If it means doing it for free to get the work experience and the certificate or reference then we would love the work. Travel, part time / full time, paid / free would depend on the students want for the work and how rich or poor they are at the time.


The irony of this is, as I am finalising this program, a vacancy came into my news feed looking for someone to work in a university setting up this exact type of program…. linking students to work placement. Which confirms the fact that there is a huge gap in the market.

So what are we offering Internship programs listed below:

  1. Internship Job Advertisement (Template for you to use for layout and wording options.
  2. Calendar Template so you can easily fill your year up with a continuous flow of interns.
  3. Goodie Bag Checklist
  4. Business information Checklist
  5. Certificate of Completion Template
  6. Reference Letter for your intern
  7. Interns Coversheet Template
  8. Interns Resume Template
  9. Internship Program 5 days
  10. Internship Program 2 weeks
  11. Internship Program 4 weeks (3 options for this)
  12. Internship Program 6 weeks (4 options for this)
  13. Internship Social Media Program
  14. Internship Email Builder / Newsletter Program
  15. Internship Photography Flat-lay Program

Everything in Violet is included in the Program you purchase. Or you can purchase each document separately. 


Ok this is not a red flag…. its cotton drill actually but it got your attention I hope. So what are the 5 tops reasons to start your own fashion internship program?????

Drum roll please

  1. You are tapping into motivated highly creative ideas people. YES, you are. They will look onto your business with fresh eyes, are these not your target market?????
  2. It gets you building your business from the inside out. Your learning to streamline it. By breaking it down into step by step teachable parts you are unknowingly creating a superb business. (Think ISO 9000)
  3. Grow your ideas, products or bottom line. By utilising the talent of the intern you should be getting things done and moving faster. Allowing you to focus on increasing turnover, in what ever capacity that is.
  4. Try new things. If you are not the tech savvy super nerd, employ an intern that is. Or if you are not a flat-lay drama queen, hell you know what to do. These people exist and are bursting to get this shit done. (ok so I finally said the s word.)
  5. Just do it. You know that old saying, dance like no body is watching or jump with both feet first. If you don’t do it you will never know how good it is. Start with baby steps, assess it, build on it and work it baby. You can do this.
  6. Actually there is a 6th top reason, and here it is …….. you are going to build a great reputation amongst the fashion student community. They talk and they are just as in the know as the industry is small. You know how everyone knows everyone, well why not have a great reputation for giving fashion students a great head start.

They are only going to tell everyone on snapchat what they are doing on the first day of the internship (hello, free advertising).

So what do you think, no time to waste……. Jump onto my links and purchase what you need and get this year started or my website will be on fire in February.

Send me a message on if you need any information.


Internship Program

I see this from both sides…..

Fashion student needs experience and not many fashion businesses are prepared to offer an internship.


Fashion business needs staff in one form or another, can’t afford full time staff, possibly don’t know what they need too run an internship program or where to find quality staff.

Trust me, this is very real.

Both sides are in desperate need of help and I am personally hearing this from both sides of the catwalk curtain.


Setting up this Internship Program seemed like a logical next step. Purchasing the specific program from me once and you reuse it over and over again…. update it from your feedback and keep improving your business and the interns leave having learnt so much from you and this in turns helps the Australian Fashion Industry.

Baby steps at first until YOU the business owner are comfortable with handing over the jobs you feel you seriously are not able to do anymore, plus by teaching the inexperienced or overly creative soul or the insanely naïve medial chores, like putting the bins out and staying off their phone during business hours …. the world around will applaud you.

If you are reading this then you are either thinking about it or want to set this up in your fashion business. Please add your details below so we are able to keep abreast of your needs and adapt our internship data, love & thanks xxx

Internship Program

OK so lets get to the main objective…..

YOU want to set up an internship program, knowing how this works and having this program downloadable as soon as you pay for it was my intention to get this out & working

Plus, rest assured I have free stuff for you to love on.

  1. Advertise for the right intern
  2. How to interview the prospective creative
  3. Getting ready for the program
  4. …. what type of program do you want?????
  5. Running the program
  6. Jobs that you NEED completing
  7. Jobs to train
  8. Follow up and feedback
  9. Keep developing
  10. Reference letter
  11. Certificate

We have several Internship Programs on offer.

5 days (1 week) 
reuse 52 times a year 

10 days (2 weeks) 
reuse 26 times a year. 
This is perfect for the mid semester break. 

4 weeks (1 month) 
reuse 12 times a year 

6 weeks (1 1/2 months) reuse 4 times a year. 
This is perfect for summer holiday.
Each Program includes the above 11 areas, detailed checklists, ideas for duties, how to train & monitor your staff. Offer feedback and receiving it, how to use that feedback to improve your own business. It is all there.

Remembering, ….. this is essentially free labour and in my college days we called it work experience…. and this is another example of international jargon coming into Australia and making it sound all fancy smancy. I don’t have a problem with this what so ever but I do have a problem with is “some” of the fashion industry expectations on working hours and the way they treat staff. That’s a whole other conversation….

So, my programs are suited to helping both the employer and the employee whether they are paid or not. You will love it and I would love your feedback too xxxx


Free stuff for students

Down load your resume or CV template here (coming shortly)

Down load your cover letter template here. (coming shortly)



Fashion designers clearly love colour. In your first semester you will learn the basics of colour, colour in nature, how designers incorporate colour into their ranges both seasonally and following trends each year.

Follow us on our Instagram feed, as we upload lots of fresh new images.

Join the colour society of Australia or in your state. It’s a fascinating journey of information and you will learn so much more from practicing professionals who use colour in their work.

All our pictures are free to reuse how we do require you reference our work. While studying you are required to do this. We will try & keep this easy by ensuring all our images have the source, location & date.

Shortly we will be adding the initial units of competency that use colour or have some elements of colour in them.

Big love & lots of colour